Most Multicultural Cities in Canada

Most Multicultural Cities in Canada FOTO: WEB
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México City. When moving to a new area, it’s a good idea to get to know the type of people who live there, and consider how your life will fit in.

If you want to experience a neighborhood that is diverse and welcoming, and you want to use this move to expand your view of the world, the best thing to do is go to a multicultural city.

Not only is a multicultural city more full of creativity and intrigue than any other, but they also give you the chance to learn about people and lifestyles you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Toronto, Ontario

Ranked as the world’s most diverse city by both the United Nations and the BBC, over half of the residents who live in Toronto were born outside of Canada.  This makes it home to nationalities from all over the world, encompassing 250 ethnicities and 170 languages.

This city is known for being a haven of creativity and art and gives the people who live here the chance to express their unique identities while sharing the same identity as someone who lives in Toronto.

Instead of appropriating or homogenizing these cultures, the city encourages people to live as they are and express themselves as they want to.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Although homes for sale in Vancouver are the most expensive city in the country, it’s a great landing point for people from all over the world and Canada’s indigenous communities.

Not only does Vancouver put a lot of pressure on ensuring that every community is allowed to live as they are and be proud of their cultures, but it also encourages people of the area to acknowledge that the land was first indigenous peoples’ land and that they deserve respect and thanks for everything they’ve done for the city.

Although the population is almost half white Canadians, there’s a large Chinese, South Asian, and Filipino presence here that ensures the city is diverse and openly celebrates cultural differences.

Ottawa, Ontario

Toronto may outshine Ottawa in Ontario, but this city holds its own ethnic, linguistic, and religious diversity.

Ottawa’s multicultural community works hard to ensure that people feel at home here, regardless of how many generations they’re separated from immigrants, and there’s a large push in charitable giving to ensure that everyone who lives here can afford the lifestyle prominent in the area.

As the nation’s capital, Ottawa understands the importance of ensuring everyone feels at home and understands they’re wanted here.

Calgary, Alberta

As the third most ethnically diverse city in Canada, Calgary works hard to celebrate and understand the differences between the people in its population.

According to recent statistics, about a third of the people who live here are immigrants who have uprooted their lives to move here and start fresh.  The city welcomes them with open arms and ensures that they each have a space here, with room to grow and help this city flourish further.

Canada is a massive country, the second largest globally, and it understands the importance of ensuring that everyone who moves here feels at home.

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